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For the last seventy years, Cincinnati's West End neighborhood has experienced one wave of displacement after another. Thousands of people have been uprooted as hundreds of houses have been destroyed or priced beyond their means -as urban renewal, interstate highway construction and absentee landlords have taken their toll. When the northern part of the West End was declared an historic district, residents were threatened with a new round of displacement from wealthy investors. In 1980, the Community Land Cooperative of Cincinnati was organized by the West End Alliance of Churches and Ministries and by local residents to resist this threat.

The Co-op, as a community land trust, removes land and housing from the usual real estate market. With the trust owning the land, and then leasing or selling the housing to residents at affordable prices, the Co-op has set the basis for numbers of families to buy their own houses on land held for the common good. Speculation is stopped, and the neighborhood's future is placed more securely in the hands of the community.

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth — both financial affluence and emotional security.”
Suze Orman

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